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Hastings family services have many different programs the program I will be discussing today is the Holiday assistance program. Their mission statement is “The people of Hastings reaching out as Family in support and Service to one another” (Hastings Family Services, 2009-2010). I believe this mission is a strong mission as it is the community helping the community. The Goal of the holiday assistance program is to make sure everyone has a happy holiday. They provide gifts, food, clothing and much more. Privacy is also very important to them. They make sure no one knows about the participants of the program. All of the sponsoring people helping the families are provided a list of Items the participants want for their holiday gifts. The benefits are quite simple the families will receive gifts, clothing, and a food basket with all of the items to make a holiday meal for their families.
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Unformatted text preview: To be eligible to receive the holiday assistance the participants will need to provide proof of residence for the whole household, photo I.D. for every adult in the house, they will also need to complete the income and expense worksheet. The families will be notified by mail with a date and time to pick up their gifts. They will be picking the gifts up at the Hastings Family service site. This program is strictly financed from within the community. The community can adopt a family and they also take cash donations. The food baskets are provided by Second Harvest Food Bank. All interactions are done through the mail. The donors are only provided with a family number and the sex and age of each family member. References Works Cited Hastings Family Services . (2009-2010). Retrieved November 10, 2010, from Hastings Family Services:
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Bignell Wk3 D5 - To be eligible to receive the holiday...

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