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Bignell Week 6 Day 5 - When searching the web for this...

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The internet is a resource that consumers need to be careful using. Having the knowledge on how to determine the accuracy of a web site is needed. A site that tells the reader where the information came from, who gains from the site, and if the information was peer reviewed are some things to look for within a web site. All of the information provided to the consumer should be properly cited and have the author of the page within every page. Some web site creators are paid from outside sources like drug companies. It is important to know who funds the site. Some of these sites are funded by doctors, some by patients, and some by drug companies. The consumer needs to research the sight before trusting the advice they receive from the site. They need to make sure the information from the site comes from reliable sources, like text books or doctors.
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Unformatted text preview: When searching the web for this assignment I searched three different sites before finding one that I would trust. The site I found that I trusted was webmd.com. This site provided all of the information that I needed. The information was peer reviewed also. It also lists all the people who wrote the articles. I also called DR. Lon Pederson M.D. (my family doctor) and asked if he would trust this site, He stated, “patients need to be careful when using these sites he said the information on these sites can be misleading, and when in question always consult with your physician” (Peterson, 2011). Bibliography (2005-2011). Retrieved February 21, 2011, from webmd: http://www.webmd.com/ Peterson, L. (2011, February 22). Family practice physician. (T. Bignell, Interviewer)...
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