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There are many advantages technology has created for the health and human service field. The internet has played a big part in hospitals and clinics. The internet is a tool used to share information, and to communicate with one another. The internet helps different health and human service companies communicate. The file sharing saves time and resources. Not all tests can be performed in house the internet is a way they can send clinics the results in a timely madder. The doctor is able to see the results sooner. They do not need to worry about the results being seen by the carrier or being lost. Another advantage is the advances in digital technology. The tests being preformed can be seen in 3D and are clearer. They are starting to see more when taking the tests. They have also created different
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Unformatted text preview: devices to help the people who cannot walk, walk. The main disadvantage is cost. The people who run the equipment need to be trained. The cost to make the devices is passed down to the consumer. Some of these costs will be covered you the clients insurance company, but a lot of the costs need to be covered directly by the client. Another disadvantage is the availability. The newer technology is not at every hospital or clinic. Not all of them can afford the newest technology. They need to outsource their clients to different hospitals to have their tests done. This causes incontinence to the patient....
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