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Bignell Week1 Day 4 - 1 X-ray 2 MRI 3 Networking of medical...

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I have a wide verity of personal exposure to health care technology. About a year ago I fell and could not move my right thumb. I went to the emergency room as the pain was unbearable. In the emergency room they took the basic X-rays. The thumb was not broken, but it was swollen, black and blue, and painful. The hospital sent me home and told me to keep it elevated and put a cold pack on it for the swelling. I waited a week and went to my family doctor. He was able to see my X-ray results due to the Hospital and clinic’s files are linked through the Internet. He ordered a MRI for latter that day. With this MRI they found out that I did not break my thumb, but I tore my ligament. They scheduled sent me to the Orthopedic Surgeon, whom scheduled me for surgery. I now have full movement of my thumb.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. X-ray 2. MRI 3. Networking of medical files Without these technologies I might not have full movement of my thumb. The MRI images can see ligaments. Without the X-ray people might be miss-diagnosed as it can see people’s bones. These images will show if a person indeed has a broken bone or if it is a sprain. The networking of patient files through the use of the internet helps doctors see the notes from other doctors. This will also show all doctors what medications might have been provided by other doctors. They are also able to see images and test results this way. This technology helps doctors diagnose faster. With faster diagnosis rates the patients are healing faster. This also helps stop the people who are seeking a quick high through the means of prescription drugs....
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