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Bignell wk5 d4 Virtual House Calls

Bignell wk5 d4 Virtual House Calls - are more personal as...

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A virtual house call is when a patient can connect with their doctor from home. The patients can ask their doctors questions they might have forgot to ask during an appointment, these messages are sent to the doctor’s e-mail and cannot be intercepted like e-mail over the internet. The client is also able to view their medical records, renew prescriptions, receive test results, pay bills, and update insurance information. All of this is possible without picking up a telephone. The relationship between doctor and patient is important. The patient can have a personal relationship with their doctor via computer. Some might believe this will hurt the doctor patient relationship. I believe it will help. The doctor is reading the patients questions in their words, not someone else’s. They are responding quicker and directly to the patient. This takes the need for a middle man, or woman out of the equation. I believe this service will help the relationship between doctor and patient, but the office visits
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Unformatted text preview: are more personal as they are face to face. This program will save clinics and hospitals money daily. They will not have the need to have as many people answering the phones to make appointments, refill prescriptions, or to relay questions. This program allows the patient a direct line to their doctor. This also gives the patient to take control of their medical issues. They will be able to make or cancel appointments with a key stroke. They will no longer need to wait for the busy operator to make the appointment, or cancel one. I personally would love it if my clinic had something like this. I like to be in control of my life and this is one area I was never able to control. I also believe this will be beneficial to caregivers as they will have a direct line to the clinics for questions, prescriptions, appointments, making payments, and updating insurance information....
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