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Bignell Wk7 Day 4 - within it The different techniques are...

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There are many of different types of storage on a computer. Some of them are the basic hard drive. The Hard drive is a place the computer stores all of its files. I like to use an external hard drive. This adds to the storage of a computer and it is easy to connect and disconnect. It can be used on different computers. Some people like to use a zip drive to store their files onto a zip disk. Another form is the flash drive. This device is used to store some files it can also be plugged into another computer. The flash drive is typically used by students to save their work on. There are many of different reasons to back up your files. A backup is used when a computer gets a virus, or something happens to the computer that would make it loose power or lose the files that is saved
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Unformatted text preview: within it. The different techniques are; saving to disc (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW), flash drive, external hard drive, or backing up to a different computer system. People backup different files, some like to backup music, or video files. I Backup my data, and picture files, so I do not lose my school work or important family pictures that I cannot replace. The advantages to backing up files are they are accessible for use on different computers, the disc files can be used in most CD players, and DVD players. The disadvantages are all of these forms are subject to damage like scratches on the discs. The flash and external hard drives can get a virus. They can also transfer a virus from one computer to another....
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