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The internet is a great tool used within the medical field. The internet is used for communication, and file sharing. Within the medical field the internet can be used to save a life. If a person is hurt far from home doctors can access their medical records, for the purpose of treatment. This practice of file sharing can alert a doctor of preexisting conditions, or allergies a patient may have. With the accessibility to these records brings risk. Electronic transactions are encouraged by HIPAA. To protect the security and confidentiality of health information they need to place new safe guards. HIPAA gave patients the right to see their medical records. If a patient requests to see their records the clinic has 30 days to provide the patient their records.
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Unformatted text preview: Health care providers need to have in writing all their policies on how the patient records are secured, who has access to them, what they will be used for, and the purpose of sharing the information. They are also responsible for the people whom have access to the records. They need to be sure that everyone whom has access to the records protects the patients privacy. Health care information cannot be used by employers or banks for the purpose of making decisions on employment or loans. Medical information can only be used for the purpose of treatment, payment, or business operations....
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