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I would expect my doctor to follow the letter of the law. Doctors are not permitted to share medical information about a patient with anyone unless the patient gives written consent, or as needed to properly treat the patient. I would go to my family doctor and ask that all communication made by telephone be done on a wired landline. The use of wireless devices is not as secure as a wired line. Furthermore, I would request that the mail be used rather than a fax machine. I also would keep to one health care provider. Acquiring multiple doctors produce unnecessary risks to a patient’s privacy. I see one doctor unless it is an emergency. If an emergency I will consult with my doctor or the on call doctor with my clinic. I keep the same insurance company to ensure my privacy. When people change insurance providers some medical
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Unformatted text preview: records are requested by the new insurance company to ensure there are no preexisting conditions that would not be covered by them. At the family practice clinic I choose to use, they keep all records, 30 days or older, in an electronic format. Records that are in an electronic form are encoded for the patients’ safety. It is important to review your records to ensure the accuracy. I personally view my records every two years. My clinic asks for a seven day or five business days written notice to view your records. When viewing the records it is done in a private room with a record spet in the room to ensure the records are safe, and to answer any questions they may have. The spet does not view the records with them; they only see what they share with them....
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