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To the management of the Clinic: The Internet is a superior resource this origination uses, but this clinic can use other resources to help with different types of interactions. The intranet would be a secure tool for us to use within our company to interact with our staff. This would help us with the proper and secure delivery of inter office mail, and training videos. The intranet is a network that runs off our firewall. This firewall helps protect from unauthorized users accessing the information we provide to our staff. This will be a cost-effective way to send our employees possible job openings, training videos, meeting notices. This system also can be linked to other clinics and hospitals within our origination. If we link our intranet to other originations it will become an extranet. We will provide all authorized users of our system database with a user name and password. This will allow our users to access our database. The use of the Internet is good for some of the interactions we need to do on a daily bases but is not for different things. With the current privacy lows
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