Bignell Dehydration - Running head DEHYDRATION 1...

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Running head: DEHYDRATION 1 Dehydration Tracy L. Bignell SCI241 July 17, 2011 Kat Spottswood MS
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DEHYDRATION 2 Dehydration Water is about 60 percent of the adult human’s body, it is found in bone, blood, and muscle. Over half of a human’s weight is water. About a third of the water in the body is made of water in the blood and the fluid between cells (Humphrey). It is important to keep your body hydrated, without over hydrating it. It is also equally important to know the signs of dehydration, and water toxicity, as both can lead to death. Drink plenty of water and when exercising for more than an hour, or if you sweat a lot, or have diarrhea, replace the water with a sport drink instead of water to prevent water toxicity. Water is needed to help regulate different components throughout the body. Components like proteins, sodium, and potassium are dissolved by the water, and carried throughout the body. To equalize the different components in different areas of the body the water will move back and forth to distribute the different vitamins and minerals in the body. The body regulates the amount of water in each area of the body by adjusting the concentration of dissolved particles and relying on osmosis to move the water. The pressure from the vanes notifies the water to move from one compartment to another. Water serves many purposes throughout the body. It lubricates the eyes, and cleanses away dirt and debris from the eyes also. Synovial fluid lubricates joints, saliva lubricates the mouth, and helps regulate body temperature. Water also acts as cousin for different
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Bignell Dehydration - Running head DEHYDRATION 1...

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