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Riverpoint WriterSCI wk 1 d7 - Running head: HEALTHY EATING...

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Running head: HEALTHY EATING PLAN 1 Healthy Eating Plan Tracy L. Bignell SCI241 June 19, 2011 Kat Spottswood MS
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HEALTHY EATING PLAN 2 Healthy Eating Plan People may believe they are eating healthy, when in fact they are not. Getting too much of one food group or not enough a food group is considered unhealthy. Healthy eating is a balance of all of the food groups. Currently I am not eating enough food during the day. I do not eat full meals, and do not snack. I was low on whole grains, vegetables, milk, fruit, meat and beans; and high on extras (Mountain dew); but I have found the balance for calories, and saturated fats. I had a problem when documenting different foods on the food pyramid, and could not get an accurate reading from it. I tend to eat Chorizo and eggs for breakfast I could not find Chorizo as a choice. I also could not find anything that was close to it. This analysis is not an accurate analysis of my eating. This was a difficult week for me and I did not eat the way I normally eat. I was not able to prepare the foods I usually do because my 19 year old son moving back in with us in our two bedroom apartment. The first area I was low in was grains. The site suggested that I make half of my grains whole. This is a simple step as I usually eat whole grain bread. It also suggested eating oatmeal for breakfast. This is something I do during the winter months, when it is colder outside. In the
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Riverpoint WriterSCI wk 1 d7 - Running head: HEALTHY EATING...

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