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wk1 d6 - goal I need to find a way to consume more milk I...

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When starting this exercise I thought I was eating healthy, upon completion I found that I was not eating enough of any of the food groups. I also realized I tend to skip meals, this does not help. Part of the problem I found was some of the foods I eat were not on the lists and I did not know how to document the items. One of the items was chorizo and eggs; I had that for breakfast one day. I found different breakfast sausages but none of them compared to the label on chorizo. The menu I made from the foods I eat suggests that I do not eat enough grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, or meat and beans. The last day I got close to all of the categories, but still could not consume enough. I was able to consume around 75% of the daily goals but I really lack in the milk department. For milk I only consumed about 20% of the daily
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Unformatted text preview: goal. I need to find a way to consume more milk. I do not like milk so I do not drink it. The only way I get the nutrients from milk is through different foods like yogurt, and cheese. And yet I can only eat so much of these products. The three products I choose to analyze are chorizo, hot dogs, and strawberry banana yogurt. I noticed that I should be eating more fiber in my diet. I can add to the fiber intake by eating yogurts with a high fiber intake. Item Calories calories from fat Carbohydrates (in Grams) Protein (in Grams) Fiber (in Grams) Chorizo 240 71% 2g 9g 2g Hot dogs 170 50% 1g 6g 0g Strawberry Banana Yogurt 150 7% 29g 5g 0g...
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