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Bignell check point wk3 d 5 - own body mass Furthermore...

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The Succession animation is secondary succession. The land had preexisting soil so it could not have been caused from primary succession. Primary succession the land consists of no soil. Secondary is caused by a disturbance, and happens over time. The beaver damn caused the flooding of the land, which in turn would be the disturbances. This flooding caused the trees to die and new soil was formed, and new trees grew that could live in the conditions. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection the aquatic salamander evolved from the salamander. The aquatic salamander lives primarily in water there for they do not need to support their
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Unformatted text preview: own body mass. Furthermore, this salamander primarily glides through the water the back legs slowed it down. Threw natural selection a salamander was born with a birth defect. This defect helped the salamander and the gene was passed on to that salamanders offspring. When the gene is passed on threw out the generations a new bread of the salamander was created. A new breed of animal created by natural selection is an animal that evolves over time to adapt to the area they live in. the changes can be to help defend them, or to adapt to the food supply that is available to them. The animals morph threw a series of birth defects....
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