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Conservation is using the natural resources within the land without harming the natural habitat of the land. Preservation is protecting the natural resources and wildlife found within the confines of the area, to leave something untouched. I believe that if humans harvest the natural resources of land is taking away from the plants and animals that live within the land. When humans go to a land to harvest the natural resources found within the confines of the land we are taking away from the plants and animals that call the place home. I do not believe there is an environmentally friendly way to harvest these minerals. When humans go to these lands to harvest they build roads, cut down trees, and disturb the natural life that the plants and animals within the confines of the area have. Some of these animals are forced to relocate and some of them die
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Unformatted text preview: off to the area completely. I am inclined to preserve the land instead of conserving it. I do not see how humans have the right to take away from the plants and animals that live in the confines of the land. I understand that we need these resources to live but there are other ways to get it. Humans have taken away from mother earth enough. Let’s start giving back. In the video it states that they will be blocking critical wildlife routes. This will stop the herds from coming to the land. This area of the Northern Rockies has the last wild and free-ranging bison hers in America’s Northern Rockies. I believe that the building of rods will force these herds off the lands for ever....
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