Bignell week4 day 5 Nutria

Bignell week4 day 5 Nutria - They will run out of food and...

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The factors that determine a change in population size are; birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration. The number of births versus the number of deaths, the birth and death rates are affecting the population of the nutria in the video. When more nutria is born then dying the population will then in turn grow. In the video they mentioned that in three years one female can give birth up to 40 babies. The babies can start producing young as early as six months of age. If the breading of nutria is not stopped they will destroy the wetlands in which they feed from. Nutria eats a third of their body weight every day.
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Unformatted text preview: They will run out of food and either die off, or adapt to a new food source. Possibly farm lands destroying the food grown by the farmers to help feed humans. With every breed of plant an animal they need to either adapt to their surrounding environment or food supply of die. The nutria feed from the vegetation found within the wet lands. It will not take long for this nutria to destroy all of the wet lands, depleting their food source. The Nutria will either become extinct or evolve to adapt to their new surroundings....
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