BIGNELL wk1 d3 Program planning and grant proposal

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Program planning and grant proposal are pretty much the same but they have different purposes. Setting up goals, activities, objectives, and evaluation is part of the process of program planning. When planning a program the people need to show the logic and argument that justify the relevance, significance, and the need. The Formula for formula for program planning is P 2 =W 5 x H 2 x E. The brake down of this equation is: P 2 = Program Planning W 5 = Why x Who, or Whom x When x Where x What H 2 = How x How much E = Evaluation The development and use of activities is also needed in a grant proposal. A written program plan that
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Unformatted text preview: is made specifically to gain financial assistance from a funding source is a grant proposal. The funding is to be used to support the proposed services in a grant proposal. When writing a grant proposal the agency is making an argument that it has the understanding of the identified problems, and they know how to address the problems. In other words the grant proposal is the agencies plan of intervention that follows the argument. A grant proposal is used to gain funding for a targeted program....
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