Bignell Week1 d5 Checkpoint Program Planing Terminology

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Jeff, Remember the job I told you about last week? I have been officially hired on at Regina Medical as a program manager. I start next Monday. I am excited because of the job duties are, and what I will be doing to help the community. I will need to oversee the programs that the company offers and will offer in the future. I will be able to review and enhance the implementation and outcomes of the programs (purpose of evaluation). I believe that the Inputs are essential to the program. The staff assigned to the different programs is essential and I will be a part of this process. I believe it will be fun exploring the needs and problem assessment. Determining the theory will be a bit challenging at times, as it can be challenging deciphering the facts, but I think I will
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Unformatted text preview: overcome this dilemma. The best part of this job is the outputs (the services provided, goods produced, or outcomes achieved as the result of interventions or application of strategic methods as the result of utilization of the inputs), and the service delivery model. It will be nice to finally be a part of the service delivery model .Also look at the different types of research I will be using, Evaluative research (Uses exploratory research design mythologies), and descriptive research (describe a phenomenon in a study). In short I have the opportunity to see a project from the beginning stages all the way through the end. I can see what kind of impact the different services offered have on the community. Tracy Bignell...
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