Bignell Week 1 D 4 Methods used to write about Literature

Bignell Week 1 D 4 Methods used to write about Literature -...

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Methods used to write about Literature. Note taking – When reading the piece I will have the opportunity to take notes on what I am reading. I will be able to include my thoughts about the reading. I can ask questions I have about the reading. I may enjoy some aspects and bored with some aspects. Writing down my thoughts and feelings about the work I am reading will be a nice review when writing a review about a reading. Reread – when reading something for the first time things can be missed. When rereading it a person can gain deeper insight from the readings. Reading something for the second time gives the reader a chance to look into what the writer might have been trying to get across to the audience. This also gives the reader a chance to read what he or she might have overlooked the first time.
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss with others – I have found in the past that discussing what I have read gives me a prospective on other people’s point of view. This gives a person the opportunity to look at the literature threw another view point. Everyone takes different things from what they have read. Others insight can be helpful. Research the writing on the internet or school library. – Looking at other reviews can be helpful. This will give a person the opportunity to see other viewpoints of the literature. They might have read deeper into one part of the writing than you. They might have different viewpoints than you. It is equally important to research the work as it is to read the work....
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