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Complexities of Experimentation 9/4 Examples: Perception of Police Presence -Perception increased in areas with lower surveillance because police in other areas would rush over rapidly and loudly to the vulnerable area. Led to falsely high level of perception. Mandatory Seatbelt Laws -Fatalities increased, people had a false sense of security. Rational Choice Theory -Trying to understand individual human behavior Weber - People Act Rationally 1. Maximize means end 2. Maximize Values Other Philosophers that relate to RCT: -Adam Smith- an economic actor will aim to maximize his own self-interest -Bentham- Utilitarianism - Rawls- A Theory of Justice What constitutes moral behavior? 1. People are rational agents 2.Suggested the Veil of Ignorance A just, morally defensible decision is one when you don’t know what role you will play once a decision is made. Assumptions about Human Behavior (Review) Connectedness Human decisions relate to each other. One preference may cancel out the possibility of another preference. Transitivity
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Unformatted text preview: If A > B and B>C Then A > C Footnote p. 27 Bentham’s Definition of Utility "that property in any object, whereby it tends to produce benefit, advantage, pleasure, good, or happiness. ..or. ..to prevent the happening of mischief, pain, evil, or unhappiness Interpersonal Comparison of Utilities-Coffee versus Milk-Tie, but to what degree do you prefer one to the other?-Might be indicated by willingness to pay Trouble is willingness to pay is connected to ability to pay Borda Voting-Assign values 1-5 to a series of choices. Add the number of points given to each choice. The most points wins.-Assume equal degrees of preference between each choice-People will engage in strategic voting. Parawise Comparrisons Do you prefer coffee to milk? Coffee, milk is out Do you prefer coffee to tea? Coffee, tea is out And so forth… Condorcet 1 2 3 A A > B > C > B B > C > A > C C > A > B >-All Equal above-There is no such thing as a method of voting that always produces a faithful outcome....
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POL2010_PUBP_9-4 - If A> B and B>C Then A> C...

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