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PUBP 2010 9/11 3 Christs Experiments: -Basic Findings -Despite evidence of falsehood, persisted with beliefs. - People don’t deal well with information that doesn’t fit with what they believe. -Selective Perception Public Opinion Text: -Greatest Hits of Social Science -Cognitive Dissonance -Theory from late 1950s -Discomfort Examples -Obama hasn’t closed Guantanamo- a problem for many Obama supporters. -O’Reilly calling for the federal government to take over the state. -How is this resolved? -Defensive -Justification *Could be on test: how resolved/examples -What people have been recently exposed to temporarily affects points of view. -Theory of Reasoned Action
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Unformatted text preview: -Who do you look to for social norms?-Hometown, peers, media-How do you determine what you think? Spiral of Silence: -Controversial-92, Germany: -Role with the Nazis?-Worked with Ministry of Information-Coming from the right- Both theories inspired by Nazis- Thinks that you look to the media- If what you perceive as majority opinion is different from personal belief have a tendency to be silent. Experiments: Milgrim-It’s not about how many people believe this or that- it’s about authority.- The more they pushed the participants the more likely they were to comply- Don’t want to stand up to authoritative figures....
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POL2010_PUBP_9-11 - -Who do you look to for social...

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