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PUBP 2010 9/16 -Collective Choice: At the heart of what makes America, America or any nation, for that matter. -Notion that collective agreement among people is necessary, most clearly stated by John Locke. -People everywhere have universal characteristics. -Desire security. -People have fundamental natural rights given to us by God. -Life, liberty, property -Inalienable -How do we preserve these rights? -We form collective agreements about rules of behavior. Rules must be enforced through some sort of collective mechanism. -Family, church or government can do this. -Laws: rules enforced by an outside mechanism.
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Unformatted text preview: -How do you balance the power of government? -Always a struggle-Enough power to preserve rights, but not so much to violate them.-Social contract-Consent of people, of the governed.-People give legitimacy to the government. 8 & 9 Schepsly and Bonsceck?-Naughty or nice to allies?-Politics-Constraining free will-Allocating scarce resources-Views cooperation as self-interest-Tragedy of the Commons-Without self-interest, resources are not maintained.-If your car is polluting, no self interest to fix car. Individually rational for you to not get your car fixed, but not collectively rational....
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