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PSYC1101_Developmental_I - Developmental Psychology I...

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Developmental Psychology 6/21/10 I. Attachment -Imprinting: a process of rapid learning or behavioral patterning -Occurs at critical points in very early stages of animal development -Some bird species imprint at a very early age -18 hours after hatching YouTube: Duck imprinted on puppy Attachment: A strong emotional connection that persists over time and across circumstances -Attachment to a caregiver often represents the very first social interaction an organism has a. Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment i. Infant attachment researcher 1. Leads to feelings of safety and security 2. Motivates close contact between infant and caregiver ii. Proposed that infants find social interactions with caregivers intrinsically rewarding 1. Antibehavioralist statement iii. Infants get pleasure from contact but fear the unfamiliar b. Harlow’s monkey experiments i. Raised monkeys without their mothers ii. Lived in cages with two wire frame surrogate mothers: 1. One provided food 2. One was covered in terry cloth 3. Youtube: Harry Harlow Monkey Experiment Comfort Contact 4. YouTube: Scaring a monkey: another experiment by Harlow c. Patterns of attachment i. Mary Ainsworth developed a measure of attachment in humans 1. Ainsworth’s Strange Situation a. 8 short episodes involving separations and reunions between infants and parents b. Dependent variable is infant reaction ii. Attachment styles 1. Secure a. Secure Attachment (65-70%) b. Infants uses parents as: i. Secure base ii. Safe haven
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c. Warm, affectionate, responsive infant-parent
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PSYC1101_Developmental_I - Developmental Psychology I...

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