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Kurt Lewin: behavior was clearly a function of both personal characteristics and immediate social situation - B = f ( P,E) behavior is a function of both the person and the environment Harry Stack Sullivan : Interpersonal Psychiatry Chumship: derived from the sociological concept of the social self, that a preadolecent's chums serve as a social mirror for forming his or her identity - important to understand the feelings of anxiety that arise when interpsonal rejection occurs - personality is tied to social situations -personality is "the relatively enduring pattern of recurrent interpersonal situations" that characterizes a person's life - interpersonal theory of psychiatry: Sullivan's approach to personality that focuses on the recurring social situations faced by an individual - focuses on recurring social situation that we face - closely tied to social psychology -social self: Mead's idea that who we are how we think of ourselves arise from our interactions with those around us; also, having an identity in a social world - Sapir saw that personality was influenced by culture -Mead and Sapir = family and society -we act differently in different social situations -illustion of individuality: Sullivan coined the term to mean the idea that a person has a single, fixed personality is just an illusion -sullivan blames society for most of the individual's problems - Motivation and Goals: Henry Murray -study of human lives across time -interactionist approach to personality Personological system: - systemsL dynamic influences with feeback are key Personlogical System: Murray's term for his theory of personality that emphasizes the richness of th elife of each person and the dynamic nature of the individual as a complex organism responding to a specific environment - also emphasized envionemntal press
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PSYC2240Chp_10_Review_for_psychology - Kurt Lewin: behavior...

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