Paleogene and Neogene Keywords

Paleogene and Neogene Keywords - Only a few eggs and only...

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Key Word Definition Key Points Amniote animals Anthropoids Australopithecus Bipedal Animals which walk upright on two legs Cro-magnons Endothermy Animals that obtains most most of its body heat from internal physiological sources Glandular skin Great apes Hominids A member of a monophyletic group of primates, characterized by an erect bipedal stance, that includes modern humans and their recent ancestors Hominins Mammary gland Specialized organs of female mammals that produce energy-rich milk, a watery mixture of fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals Neanderthal Neogene Out-of-Africa hypothesis Oviparous Referring to animals that lay eggs containing the nutrients needed for development of the embryo outside the mother's body Lay eggs Paleogene Paranthropus Parental care
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Unformatted text preview: Only a few eggs and only nurtures those • Different from fish who lay lots of eggs in hoping of few survivors Placenta A specialized temprorary organ that connects the embryo and fetus with the uterus in mammals, mediating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Analagous structures occur in other animals • Embryo develops internally • Provides food, oxygen, and pathway for wastes Primates Sebaceous gland • Releases oil to keep hair moist Sternal keel • Most important and reinforced structure in the bird Sweat gland • Secretes sweat that is used to cool body Viviparous Referring to animals that retain the embryo within the mother's body and nourish it during at least early embryo develop • Narsyoials or Eutherians...
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Paleogene and Neogene Keywords - Only a few eggs and only...

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