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Proterozoic Eon - Keywords - Proterozoic Eon Term 9 2...

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Proterozoic Eon Term Definition Key Points 9 + 2 orginization A circle of nine double microtubules surrounds a central pair of single microtubules In eukaryotic flagellum Alternation of Generaticons The regular alteration of mode of reproduction in the life cycle of an organism, such as the alternation between diploid and haploid phases in plants Ameboid (Amoeboid) Movement The cell extends one or more lobes of cytoplasm call pseudopodia rest of the cytoplasm and the nucleus then flow into the pseudopodium, completing the movement Antibody Highly specific soluble protein molecule that circulates blood and lymph, recognizing and biding to antigens and clearing them from the body Protect you against subsequent infection by strains of virus Antigen A foreign molecule that triggers an adaptive immunity response Archea One of the two domains of prokaryotes; Archeans have some unique molecular and biochemical traits, but they also share some traits with Bacteria and other traits with Eukaryotes Very different from Bactera Closely related to Eukarya Histone proteins package DNA in Archea and Eukarya Asexual reproduction Any mode of reproduction in which a single individual gives rise to an offspring without fusion of gametes,
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that is, without gentic input from another individual Bacteria One of the two domains of prokaryotes; collectively, bacteria are the most metabolically diverse organisms Bacteriophage A virus that infects bacteria. Also referred to as a phage ( phagein =to eat) Destroys bacteria Capsid Protein The protective layer of protein that surrounds the Nucleic acid core of a virus in free form The capsid is derived from the host cell's membrane Chloroplast The site of photosynthesis in plant cells Cilia Motile structure, extending from a cell surface, that moves a cell through fluid or fluid over a cell Hair like structures used for motion in Protists Also sweep water that has food partecles into its gullet Some stay in a power stroke Some stay in a recovery stroke Like a crowd doing the wave Contractile Vacuole A specialized cytoplasmic organelle that pumps fluid in a cyclical manner from within the cell to the outside by alternately filling and then contracting to release its contents at various points on the surface of the cell Gradually fills with water, preventing the protist
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Proterozoic Eon - Keywords - Proterozoic Eon Term 9 2...

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