MESOZOIC - M ESOZOIC: Amniote animals : Anapsid : Leads to...

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Unformatted text preview: M ESOZOIC: Amniote animals : Anapsid : Leads to the turtles. Derived from the diapsids. Unique reptilian strategy of encasing themselves completely in bone (fused ribs around the body). Turtles use their legs to pump air into and out of the lungs. Angiosperm : Use other organisms to hitchhike and carry their pollen. Cover their seeds by fruit. They have flowers to attract animals, pedals to look fancy, aromas to entice animals. More or less the same set up at gymnosperms. Sends two sperm cells down to the ovule. Anther : Contains the microsporangia. Where the sperms are produced. Many mother/base cells that are capable (by meiosis) to create 4 cells (sperms) Bird hipped dinosaurs : See ornithischians Carpel : Female housing structure and production of female reproductive system. Cartilagenous fish : Come back from fresh water environment. Cephalopods : Rises to the challenge of being a competitive predator. Lost the cumbersome shell. Pump water/jet propelled. They become extremely good predators. Favourite location is in the depth/dark. Experts at cripsis (hiding with their environment) Co-evolution : Insects and plants growing together to better their survival. Cretaceous : End with a an extinction that hits a large amount of reptiles. Continents are starting to align in the configuration we know today. End Cretaceous has flood basalt events. Crocodiles : Powerful crushing jaw. Able to ensure the prey cant get away. Jaw used to grasp, then death role/thrashing will dismember whats trapped within their jaws....
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MESOZOIC - M ESOZOIC: Amniote animals : Anapsid : Leads to...

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