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SIRURIAN DEVONIAN: Agnatha : Primitive jawless vertebrates. Includes the ancestor of the lampreys and hagfishes. Can slightly change the mouth cavity. Then propels the water through gill slits. Swallowing whatever it consumes. New feeding strategy to pick up the burrowing invertebrates. No method to pump the water through. Constantly moving to allow water through. Solid suit of armor as a method of protection. Maintain flexibility to have the tail move. Gone by the end Devonian, cartilaginous fish have taken over. Alternation of generations : The life cycle of a plant that varies with about half it’s time in a haploid stage, while the other half is spent in the diploid stage. Antheridia : The male gametangium (sheltered gametophyte structure) that houses sperm. (two flagella because they are plants). Archegonia : The female gametangeium that houses the egg. Protected by a protective cell layer. Arthropoda : Group of species that compose the insects, scorpions, spiders, crustaceans. Large grouping of many things (including trilobites) Bony fish : Group of vertebrate fish that started to really diversify. Two classes include the actinopterygii and the sarcopterygii. They had swim bladders and defined calcified bone structures. Ex. Perch, trout. Bones that hold the fins, ribs. Couple of innovations: pectoral/pelvic fins are more articulated with the body, very fine manoeuvres by moving it’s pelvic/pectoral fins, can turn on a dime. The fin is still the main mover. The bony fish are incredibly agile. They can hover to wait for mates, hide from predators, hide to hunt. Oxygenate the gills. Developed swim bladder and operculum. Cartilagenous fish : Those that have not developed a calcified bone structure. Also known as the chondrichthyes. They include the sharks, rays and skates. The first group to show up with articulating jaws. Still no way to pump water through the gills, mobility is always required. Maintained neutral density with oil (squalene). Chondricthyes
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