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mathass1 - x dx 5 Zombies have invaded campus Initially...

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Professor Robert Smith?, University of Ottawa, MAT 1332B, Winter 2011 Assignment 1, due Wednesday January 19, 8:30am at the beginning of class. Late assignments will not be accepted; nor will unstapled assignments. Student Name Student Number By signing below, you declare that this work was your own and that you have not copied from any other individual or other source. Signature 1. Calculate (a) Z 1 3 - 14 t dt (b) Z 3 - 3 ( y 7 - 2 y 9 ) dy . 2. Calculate (a) Z π - π [ x 2 - 30 cos( x )] dx (b) 3 Z 5 2 sin(3 π ( x - 5) dx . Leave your answers in exact form (not a decimal approximation). 3. Calculate Z 1 0 e arctan x 1 + x 2 dx . 4. Calculate Z π
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Unformatted text preview: x ) dx. 5. Zombies have invaded campus! Initially, there are 5 zombies. They recruit more of the undead to their ghoulish ranks at rate dz dt = 10 te-. 08 t , where t is the time in days and z are the number of zombies. (a) How many zombies are recruited in the rst week? (b) How many zombies are recruited during the third week? (c) After 50 days, how many zombies are there in total? (d) Will these ve zombies eventually infect everyone on campus? If not, how many humans will they convert in the long run? 1...
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