ECON139A Lecture 3.28.11

ECON139A Lecture 3.28.11 - ECON139A 3/28/11 The economics...

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ECON139A 3/28/11 The economics of electronic commerce Texts: E-Commerce: business, technology, society 2011 7 th edition by Kenneth Laudon and Carol Traver. Prentice Hall 2011 Electronic Commerce: Economics and Strategy by Nirvikar Singh (available on ecommons) The Economics of e-commerce and the internet by Edward j. deak, Thomas south-wester 2004 (optional) 2 midterms: 15% each homework assignment: 15% quizzes: 15% participation: 10% final paper: 30% ATTENDANCE IN SECTION AND CLASS M 11-12:10 W 9:30-10:40AM TH 8:30-9:40AM F 8-9:10AM PhysSciences 130 Two midterm exams Five hw assigments Open-book pop quizzes Participation in class discussion Final paper What is e-commerce about (define e-commerce)? Different from e-business (what goes on inside the firms ex: the different technology used to organize production) - being digital - the death of distance - unleashing the killer app (depends on team and abilities, and many other aspects business strategy) information, information, and information changing transaction costs changing market structures changing boundaries of firms new products, processes and services greater speed
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information can be very costly to acquire and when info is expensive then market changes
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ECON139A Lecture 3.28.11 - ECON139A 3/28/11 The economics...

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