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CMMST10 3/31/2011 - GET READER!!! Gramsci EP Thompson – Student Hall - social formation - turn theories to movements - famous for organizing works MARXISM WITHOUT GUARANTEES - Stuart Hall and Gramsci are both associated with contemporary cultural studies - Marxism: - Structure vs. Agency : structure (how something is organized; organization of the population; working class, middle class, upper class, lower class; basic contours that organize people against class lines; structures that exists within themselves; gender, age, nation, etc; social structure; social stratification: how are people stratified; applied to society; society is organized by structure and one is fit within one structure. Which class do you belong in? elite, working class, poor, etc? does your existence in one of these class means you can’t move into another class. Movement among classes. According to the American dream, yes you can. But it is actually hard. Ex: joe the plumber thinks he can move up in classes but plumbers don’t make much and don’t usually move up the class structure. Generally, people tend to end up in the class that they start off in) - Agency: individual agency in action. What can you do? Joe thinks he has the agency to become a millionaire. What are you capable of doing and change your life? And to what extend is your life determined by social structure by the organization of the society and how can your individual agency change that? - Base: production and distribution. The economic base. Who owns the means of production? Does base determine how society functions? - Superstructure: ideology, all the mental stuff. - Marx invented Base and superstructure. - Marx is associated with historical materialism and idealism: all consciousness. All consciousness is based on. You’re not free to think whatever you want. What you think is determined by history and the economic base and structure. - Your ideas are mirroring the economic base in one way or another - Mirror is the most vulgar way to put this. VULGAR MARXISTS - You can’t consider conscious a mirror. Even if we are unconsciously acting out the economic base. - Marx said conscious life is determined by the economic base - People who are on the side of the superstructure and that force can change the base. It is a process within itself. - Basic debate: is religion, politics, etc based on the base? Reflective on the base? Etc.
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- Base and the superstructure is a single entity and act upon each other and puts force on each other. (?) these are two separate things but can act upon each other - Ex: in 2008, there was a socioeconomic collapse and it came from different wrong ways of doing things and lead to he collapse of the market. Deregulation of the financial markets. -
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CMMST10 NOTES - CMMST10 GET READER Gramsci EP Thompson...

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