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Name___________________ Dear Mother, I wanted to write you this letter to tell you about the monastery that I have found for my sisters and myself to dwell in. The location is close to my old monastery near Mount St. Disibode and I am enjoying this place very much. It no longer houses men and women but only us women. There are about twenty of us living at this monastery. I find this place to be very beautiful especially with this gorgeous view overlooking the mountain top. I fell in love when I first laid eyes on this place, I knew it was the right place. The construction captured my interest and the intricate layout of the water pumping system made me want this monastery even more. On a daily basis, I like to talk to my sisters about women independence and how
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Unformatted text preview: we should not rely on men about anything. We should establish ourselves as strong women and create our own paths of living instead of living revolving around men. These thoughts often make me want to write and create music that I play to my sisters, hoping to influence them with my revelations. The types of music I like to perform are hymns and sequences. Usually they’re religious songs honoring saints, virgins, and Mary. I don’t like there to be too many instruments playing in the background and usually I would sing to my sisters. I hope you are enjoying life as I am enjoying mine. Farewell, Hildegard von Bingen...
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