80S Unit 3 short ass - Name Unit 3 Short Assignment Sevara Nazarkhan Homework due Tues Nov 23rd Go to the online journal Image and Narrative and

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Name ________________ Unit 3 Short Assignment: Sevara Nazarkhan Homework – due Tues. Nov. 23rd Go to the online journal Image and Narrative and read “Identity and Exoticism in Yo’l Bo’lsin http://www.imageandnarrative.be/inarchive/worldmusicb_advertising/tanyamerchant.htm Answer the following questions regarding the reading and the last two lectures. 1. Compare the sonic material (as heard in class) of the international release by Nazarkhan to that of the domestic release. In the internationally released album, her tracks are more electronically mixed and her voice is made so that it appears more ancient and exotic. She also collaborates with artists not from Uzbekistan to globalize her voice even more. However, with her domestic album, she places a great importance on the setting and patriotic theme of her country. The sounds of her domestic releases are rarely electronically remixed and she produced and wrote all of the songs in her own country. 2.
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