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American Studies 10 Spring 2011 Professor Amy Lonetree Instructions for the 5-7 page writing assignment (7 pages is the absolute limit) Due at the beginning of class on Monday, May 23, 2011 The assignment requires that you write a 5-7-page review essay of the volume, What Does Justice Look Like?: The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland by Waziyatawin. Please note: This is not a book report assignment!! What I mean by this is do not give me a detailed chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the text. You are writing to analyze and interpret the main ideas that the author seeks to communicate in the work, and to address the following question in depth. 1. In the volume, Waziyatawin offers many hard-hitting critiques of the history of Dakota-White relations in Minnesota and addresses difficult topics such as policies of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and land theft along with the ongoing effects of these policies. Which of her critiques concerning the history of U.S.-
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Unformatted text preview: Dakota relations did you find particularly challenging and why? How does Waziyatawin recommend we address the historical harms resulting from these policies in the present? Are you persuaded by her arguments? Why or why not? Cite specific examples and explain. When referencing specific quotes from the book, keep in mind that endnotes/ footnotes are not necessary since this is not a research paperplease just reference your sources at the end of your direct quote or paraphrased sentence. Here is an example of what I mean Waziyatawin argues in chapter 5 that in order to create a society dedicated to peaceful co-existence (Waziyatawin, 167). Late Paper Policy I generally do not accept late essays except in extreme and properly documented circumstances. If you submit your paper late, you will receive a full letter grade markdown for each late day....
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