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AS10FINALStudy11 - American Studies 10 Introduction to...

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American Studies 10 Introduction to American Studies Spring 2011 Final Exam Study Sheet Professor Amy Lonetree Your examination on June 6, 2011 (7:30-10:30 PM) will include three sections and is worth 30% of your final grade. In the first part, you will be asked to identify five of the terms/people/phrases from the list below. For the second part of the exam, you will be asked to write a medium sized essay responding to two questions posed. Finally, in Part III you are to write a longer essay responding to the question below. You will need to provide specific examples from the readings, lectures, and films to illustrate your points. PLEASE NOTE: I will make the selections of which terms and questions to answer on the day of the exam. Part I. Understand the significance of the following terms, people, and phrases (worth 1 pt each, 5 points total—I choose five from this list): “First to Worst” Moses Wright Green Cottenham Montgomery Bus Boycott Southern Christian Leadership Conference War on Poverty
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