ECON 138 2.4.2011 - optimism (I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!)...

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ECON 138 2/4/2011 - Ignore what is irrelevant (education, previous work experiences, etc) - Find people who LOVE the product and want to be apart of the product - Hire better than yourselves Product development Keep it simple and stay focused - determine the core feature that make your product stand out - release a minimal viable product (MVP) earlier - eliminate features that are not widely used stay focused because there are many new ideas developing and you want to stay focused Start up Transition Curve Start off with new protect
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Unformatted text preview: optimism (I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!) pessimissm (omg. They have more funding! ):<) crises of meaning either crash and burn OR informed optimism (continue the product) -dont bandwagon in the middle of this curve make sure you do research Be ready to iterate and pivot Iterate-Listen to your customers-Adjust your product to what your customers want-Start over Pivot-listen to your customers-adjust your business model to what your customers want...
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