BA 101 Maberly Spring 10 Syllabus

BA 101 Maberly Spring 10 Syllabus - BA 101: Career Planning...

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Office Hours: By appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact your BA 101 instructor by email. Email: Office: CBA 2.116 Phone: 232-3783 Teaching Assistant: Amy Brunner Email: BBA Career Services: Course Info: On Blackboard COURSE GOAL AND OBJECTIVES: The BA 101 course will present the foundations for executing a successful job search and will focus on career management as a lifelong process. This course assists business students with planning, implementing, and evaluating their careers. The ultimate goal of BA 101 is to advance the McCombs mission to become one of the most prominent business schools in the world. After completing this course, students should have: Created a high impact resume; identified and applied job search related communication tools Developed an awareness and understanding of societal and economic changes within global business and industry Gained an understanding of the nature and value of networking and marketing yourself Successfully utilized interview techniques to complete a mock interview AMENDMENTS TO THE SYLLABUS: This syllabus may be amended at any time during the semester at the instructor’s discretion. You will be responsible for all information that has been distributed or communicated in class. You are also responsible for checking Blackboard for any announcements, changes, or updates that affect assignment due dates or changes in topics covered in class. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Formal roll will be taken each week by your Teaching Assistant (TA). Attendance will be counted toward the final grade in class. Class begins promptly at 3:30p and you are expected to be on time. If you arrive 10 minutes or more after the designated class start time, you are considered late. If you are late, the TA will have you sign in at the door before taking your seat and you will be counted absent for that class day. Missing more than two (2) classes will result in a letter grade drop at the end of the semester. For example, if you have missed three classes, and at the end of the semester and you have earned 945 points (A), your letter grade will be dropped to (B). If you have earned 770 points (C+), your letter grade will be dropped to (D+). LATE ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADING POLICIES: BA 101 is graded on a letter grade basis, with each assignment worth a specified number of points. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the specified due date. No late assignments will be accepted. If you have an emergency situation, notify your BA 101 instructor immediately. The BA 101 instructor will determine if the assignment will be accepted. Please do not email assignments to your TA. If you cannot attend class, it is still your responsibility to turn in a hard copy of the assignment prior to the beginning of class on the specified due date.
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BA 101 Maberly Spring 10 Syllabus - BA 101: Career Planning...

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