BA 324 Starnes Fall 10 Syllabus Part2

BA 324 Starnes Fall 10 Syllabus Part2 - Mrs. Starnes BA 324...

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Unformatted text preview: Mrs. Starnes BA 324 Course PoliciesFall 2010 Instructor Information Class Hours Unique #/Room Mrs. Jan Starnes ( ) 2:00-3:30 TTh 02010/CBA 4.322 Office: GSB 5.124G Phone: 471-5245 3:30-5:00 TTh 02020/CBA 4.322 Walk-in Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 W 1:00- 1:45 TTh Appointment Hours made 24 hours in advance: 9:30-10:00 W and 12:30-1:00 TTh or will try to accommodate Required Texts 1. Business Communication, Shwom and Synder: This book will be provided to you for free! 2. Communication Matters, Riekenberg, et al 2 nd edition (there are no used books this semester) 3. My course packet (purchase new from Duplicating Center in GSB 3.136) Recommended Text Save Our Slides , Ernest (2 nd edition) Individual Assignments and Percentages Written Communication55% Professional Development15% Routine Message 5% Test 1 6% Negative Message 6% Test 2 6% Executive Summary 7% Credit Points 3% Agenda 5% (Plagiarism and Performance Evaluations) Individual Polished Proposal Draft 5% Group Proposal 15% Team Proposal PowerPoint Slides 5% Blue Book Readings 7% Oral Communication 30% 90 Second Informal Presentation 3% UT Library Database Search 3% (emphasis on PowerPoint slides) 1 st Formal Oral Presentation 9% 2 nd Formal Oral Presentation 15% Business World Focus BA 324 is designed to simulate the work environment in as many ways as possible. Many assignments will challenge your critical thinking, as well as your skill levels. Following all directives is important, just as it will be in the workplace. Some criteria will be written out in detail; some criteria will be delivered orally. This is representative of the way you will communicate in the business world. BA 324 is an interactive class in which student involvement plays an important role in daily activities, and you will need to participate in all that is going on during class just as you should in a business 1 meeting in the workplace. Your participation will enable you to learn material that will ultimately affect your understanding of course concepts and graded assignments. Attendance Regular and punctual class attendance is expected. Absences can affect instructor goodwill, just as missing work can cost you employer goodwill. Because BA 324 is such an interactive class with daily assignments, group work, and discussions during most class meetings, it will be difficult for you to miss class and maintain the highest average you may strive for. If you miss more than one week of classes, which is two class days, one point will be deducted from your final overall average for each additional absence. Absences such as university-required events, medical issues, court appearances, or deaths in the family can be excused with relevant documentation....
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BA 324 Starnes Fall 10 Syllabus Part2 - Mrs. Starnes BA 324...

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