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CMS 306M Setzer Fall 09 Syllabus

CMS 306M Setzer Fall 09 Syllabus - Professional...

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1 Professional Communication Skills CMS 306M ____________________________________________________________________________________ Course: CMS 306M Section: 6665 Day & Time: MWF 11am Location: CBA 4.344 Instructor: Cathy Setzer E-mail: [email protected] Office: UA9 4.114A Office Hours: MW- 10-10:30am; 1:30-2:30pm Office phone: 471-7044 * and by appointment COURSE GOALS The major aims of this course are to make you a more effective professional communicator, analytical thinker and critical listener. Throughout the session you will study the theories and principles of effective communication, practice applying these principles in a variety of assignments, and critique the performances of other speakers. By the end of the semester, you should be able to plan and prepare professional meetings and presentations; deliver a good speech; analyze and adapt to various audiences; and adjust to different speaking situations, purposes, and contexts. NOTE: ONLY 1 OF THE FOLLOWING COURSES MAY BE COUNTED FOR YOUR DEGREE: CMS 305, 306M, 319, SPE 305, 319. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS Professional Communication Skills , 4 th edition (2008). Anna M. Young, John A. Daly, & Adria Battaglia (Eds). Indianapolis, IN: Pearson. This book will serve as both a textbook and a workbook. Inside it you will find instructions for assignments, pages that you will tear out and hand in, and blank leaflets for taking notes. With a new media component (access code included in the workbook), you will utilize a wide array of resources such as sample student speeches, interviews with UT faculty on communication issues in our world, researching and outlining tools, and chapter quizzes to help familiarize you with important communication concepts before course exams. A CD or memory stick for PowerPoint presentations and other electronic documents RECOMMENDED (Not Required) COURSE MATERIALS Save Our Slides: PowerPoint Design That Works (2007). Billy Earnest. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. IMPORTANT WEBSITES Blackboard is the course management software for CMS 306M and can be accessed at: http://courses.utexas.edu . Although extra credit opportunities will be announced in class, they also may be found online at: http://commstudies.utexas.edu/undergraduate/resources/index.htm#P19_211 .
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2 ASSIGNMENTS We will explore the various contexts of professional communication through the following assignments. Additional instructions (including the length of presentations, required visual aids, outlines to turn in, etc) are found in your workbook, along with worksheets that your instructor may ask you to turn in to accompany lessons and assignments. Group Presentation : For this assignment you will acquire the skills necessary for decision making and problem solving processes; interaction with audiences; planning, organizing, and facilitating meetings; anticipating and utilizing audience feedback; and working effectively in group contexts. NOTE: all group members will receive the same grade for the presentation. Because group members must count
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CMS 306M Setzer Fall 09 Syllabus - Professional...

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