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MIS 301 Agarwal Spring 10 Syllabus

MIS 301 Agarwal Spring 10 Syllabus - MIS 301 Introduction...

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1 MIS 301 Introduction to Information Technology Management Spring 2010 - Unique Numbers: 03580, 03595 Instructor Dr. Ashish Agarwal – [email protected] Information, Risk, & Operations Management (IROM) Dept. Office CBA 5.234 Mailbox IROM Department, CBA 5.202 Phone (512) 471-5814 Office Hours TTh 1:30-2:30 PM and by appointment Teaching Assistant Alvin Leung [email protected] Phone : (512) 471-1681 Office : CBA 5.324C Office Hours : W 3 :00-4 :30 PM F 2 :00-3 :30 and by appointment Course Description Information technology (IT) has transformed all aspects of 21 st century business and everyday life. New IT investments continue to be staggering. Worldwide, over $2.5 trillion is invested in IT. In the U.S., over 50% of capital expenditures are related to IT. IT has triggered new forms of organizations and business process innovation and impacted organizational structure, culture, politics, decision making and society as a whole. IT is also transforming how physical products are designed, how services are bundled with products, and how individuals interact with businesses and with other individuals. A silent transformation of physical items is occurring as more and more products use embedded IT to improve customer experience and product performance. The pervasiveness of IT is expanding global trade and changing how and where work is performed. It is vital that future managers—in every area of business— have a working knowledge of modern IT, practical experience in its use, and management perspectives on how IT is used in organizations. MIS 301 will focus on three broad issues: (a) Strategic Impact of IT; (b) Data and Management, and (c) IT at the intersection of functional business areas. Topics covered include the IT ecosystem, using information systems (IS) for competitive advantage, databases, networking and data communications, IT security, supply chain management systems (SCMs), e-commerce, customer relationship management systems(CRM), data mining, business intelligence, Web 2.0 technologies, Global sourcing, IT investments . While students are introduced to the practical business use of hands-on technology (particularly Excel and Access), the real value that McCombs majors gain from MIS 301 comes from understanding the strategic possibilities inherent at the intersection of business and technology. Required Textbook Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm 11/E, ISBN-10: 013607846X by Jane Laudon and Kenneth Laudon – available at UT Co-op and online bookstores. Student value edition and eTextbook edition (180-day subscription) are available from the publisher website for lower prices. Required Readings MIS 301 Course Packet , available at the UT Co-op Other readings listed in schedule and posted or linked on Blackboard Class Website Announcements, assignments, course schedule, additional readings and other information are available on Blackboard at http://courses.utexas.edu/ .
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