MKT 337 Miller Spring 11 Syllabus

MKT 337 Miller Spring 11 Syllabus - MARKETING 337...

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MARKETING 337 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING FALL 2011 TTH 0800-0930 AM, Rm. GSB 2.126 (Unique No: 04960) REQUIRED TEXT Basic Marketing, 18 th COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is designed to introduce (or non-) business students to the foundations of marketing as they relate to the whole business enterprise. This course will be focusing on the understanding and application of key marketing concepts. Memorization of the material in the text will not be sufficient. Attendance in lectures and the participation in discussions during class will cement the concepts, allow you to apply them to real business problems, and prepare you for the exams. Instructor: Professor Herbert A. Miller, Jr. Office Hours: T TH 11:00-11:45am Office Location: GSB 5.124J Telephone: 471-1128 MKT. Dept. Office: 471-9806 Web Page: blackboard at In order to log in to blackboard you will need your UTEID E-mail: [email protected] Please state the name of the course you are in, i.e. MKT 337, and the class time, in the subject line of your e-mails. TA: Eunice Kim Office Hours: TH 11:00-12:00 am 12:00-1:00 pm (By Appointment Only) Office Location: GSB Event Room (GSB 5.130) Telephone: 471-1128 MKT. Dept. (leave a message at the Marketing Department) E-mail: e unicek [email protected] FYI: No TA office hours will be held until the 4 th day of class. Prof. Miller will NOT begin official office hours until the 4 th class day. If you need to speak with him before then, please contact him via e-mail or call his office.
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I will provide insight into the way in which customer wants and needs are transformed into a firm’s strategies and tactics. This course will consist of class lectures, textbook, speakers, films, articles, and cases all designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of marketing. 1. To provide you with knowledge of the history of marketing activities and the evolution of the modern marketing system. 2. To heighten your awareness of the interaction between business and society as it relates to marketing activities. 3. To expand your understanding of the marketing system and basic marketing vocabulary. 4. To develop your understanding of basic marketing activities and ways that marketing relates to other business activities. 5. To sharpen your analysis of business strategy and tactics from a marketing person’s perspective. 6. To provide you with a framework for developing marketing strategy and a working understanding of tools and tactics useful in implementing marketing strategy. NATURE OF THE COURSE Due to the size of this class, the course will be taught through a lecture format. I will personalize the class with outside information, guest speakers, films, and personal business experiences. However, in addition to this material, the course will include discussions of articles on “current
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MKT 337 Miller Spring 11 Syllabus - MARKETING 337...

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