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TD 303 Leonard Spring 10 Syallbus - TD 303 - #25345...

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TD 303 - #25345 Fundamentals of Acting Tuesday & Thursday 8:00AM – 9:30AM Winship 1.134 Spring 2010 Instructor: Luke Leonard email: [email protected] Office: WIN B.122 Office Hours: 9:30AM-10AM, or By Appointment The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance (512) 471-5793 Course Syllabus (As of Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Subject to change.) REQUIRED TEXTS Bruder, Melissa, Lee Michael Cohn, and others. A Practical Handbook for the Actor . New York: Vintage Books, 1986. Available at University Coop 2246 Guadalupe Austin, TX 78705 (512) 476.7211, or online at COURSE OVERVIEW This course is designed to 1) introduce you to the process of acting and basic skills that actors apply to their work, 2) foster a deeper understanding and respect for the actor’s craft, 3) inspire you to grow as an artist and individual, and 4) get you up on your feet and acting! This course is not designed to train you in a specific technique, although, the purpose of any technique (Stanislavski’s ‘system’, Strasberg’s ‘method’, etc.) is for you to learn something beyond technique. The purpose of training is freedom. My hope is that this course may prepare you for actor training should you decide to pursue it in the future and/or help you use your acting skills in your everyday lives. In this course we will explore the foundation by which to begin your learning.
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COURSE OBJECTIVES: in this course we will Foster a deeper respect for acting, Work collaboratively and generously, Acquire skills for script analysis, Comprehend and perform physical actions, Develop individual stage presence, Discover a heightened awareness of time and space, Activate your listening, seeing, and interpreting skills, Strengthen self-confidence, Grow as an artist and individual. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES 1. To demonstrate awareness of the range of works in some area of the performing arts. 2. To understand those works being studied as expressions of individual or broader human values within a historical, cultural or social context. 3. To articulate an informed critical response to the works being studied. 4. To cultivate aesthetic appreciation through practice or observation of the works being studied. REQUIREMENTS Attendance Attendance is mandatory . You are expected to attend all classes. Tardies You must be on time. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will be marked “absent.” Note: If you arrive late and a performance is in progress please remain outside of the classroom until the scene has ended. 3 tardies or instances of leaving class early equal one unexcused absence. Absences Students are allowed three (3) absences for the semester, but this will never apply on a day that you are scheduled to perform . Each absence beyond three (3) will affect the Final Course Grade as indicated below. There is never an excuse for missing a rehearsal. You must prepare your scenes
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TD 303 Leonard Spring 10 Syallbus - TD 303 - #25345...

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