UGS 302 Mackert Fall 09 Syllabus

UGS 302 Mackert Fall 09 Syllabus - UGS 302: HEALTH...

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UGS 302: H EALTH C OMMUNICATION IN THE M EDIA Fall 2009 T Th 11am-12:30pm BUR 128 Professor: Michael Mackert, Ph.D. Office: CMA 7.154G E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 512-471-8558 Office Hours: M 10am-12pm (or by appointment) TA: Kate Rudzki E-mail: [email protected] COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. Improve your understanding of health communication. Through the course of this class you will learn about health communication theories, learn about how researchers study health communication, and discuss practical applications of health communication. These practical applications will range from prescription drug advertisements to Grey’s Anatomy to news coverage of health issues. 2. Improve your understanding of the media. As we explore various health communication issues, you will gain a better understanding of the media in general. This will include improving your knowledge of how and why health stories are covered in the news, as well as discussions about media literacy and how people make judgments about what media to use and trust. 3. Build important college skills. Succeeding in college requires new and different skills. This semester you will learn new ways to improve your writing, strategies for reading for college classes, and how to present your ideas in a compelling manner. COURSE MATERIALS A course pack for this course will be available at Jenn’s Books at 25 th St./Guadalupe St. This course pack will include required readings for different units in the class. The course pack will occasionally be supplemented by free online articles and sources. There are a number of free podcasts that will provide a steady stream of material for class discussion. You should subscribe to the following podcasts and stay up to date listening to the latest episodes: National Institutes of Health NPR: Your Health NPR: On The Media Also, while it is not required reading for the class, I would highly recommend Jon Steel’s Perfect Pitch . It is an extremely useful book about making presentations and telling a good story. It will be useful not only for the presentations in this class, but for presentations you make in other classes and as you move forward with your careers. COURSE GRADING
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UGS 302 Mackert Fall 09 Syllabus - UGS 302: HEALTH...

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