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Knes 287 Module 2 Topic - Impossibility of the fat and fit...

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Knes 287 Module 2 Topic 18:05 Codes and conventions Discipline and create hyper-feminized bodies o Bodies look like (body form) o Bodies do (body function) Perceived sense of control and autonomy over the shaping their bodies Bodywork Effort put in to create a specfic physicality o Create a kind of physicality o Body is an image or txt and an active, lived, embodied personal self- projection Women undertake many different meanings Empowerment-an expression of physical and personal Reinforces traditional female/feminie customs and conventions
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Unformatted text preview: Impossibility of the fat and fit body • Its impossibly in our culture too look at a large woman and see that she cant culturally believe Women engage ub activities to mask or alter their natural body • Constricting, oppressive and damaging to women Instrumental sporting femininities • Concerned with function of the body not the shape or size • Through this, the traditional feminine codes and conventions become irrelevant...
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