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Knes 287 Module 2 Topic - Impossibility of the fat and fit...

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Knes 287 Module 2 Topic 18:05 Codes and conventions Discipline and create hyper-feminized bodies o Bodies look like (body form) o Bodies do (body function) Perceived sense of control and autonomy over the shaping their bodies Bodywork Effort put in to create a specfic physicality o Create a kind of physicality o Body is an image or txt and an active, lived, embodied personal self- projection Women undertake many different meanings Empowerment-an expression of physical and personal Reinforces traditional female/feminie customs and conventions
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Unformatted text preview: Impossibility of the fat and fit body Its impossibly in our culture too look at a large woman and see that she cant culturally believe Women engage ub activities to mask or alter their natural body Constricting, oppressive and damaging to women Instrumental sporting femininities Concerned with function of the body not the shape or size Through this, the traditional feminine codes and conventions become irrelevant...
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