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Exam Two Outlines and Notes: Chapters 8-13 Chapter 8: Foundations of Interpersonal Communication (Interpersonal Climate) Self Disclosure (“) Self-disclosure and Personal Growth (jo-hari window) Self-disclosure and Closeness Communication to Build Supportive Climates Levels of Confirmation and Disconfirmation (recognition, acknowledgement, endorsement) Defensive and Supportive Climates Evaluation versus Description Certainty versus Provisionalism Strategy versus Spontaneity Control versus Problem Orientation Neutrality versus Empathy Superiority versus equality Conflict in relationships (Conflict) Conflict may be Overt or Covert (Overt conflict, covert conflict) Conflict can be managed well or poorly (conflicts of interest, conflict orientations, conflict responses (active, constructive, passive, destructive| exit, neglect, loyalty, voice), conflict outcomes) Conflict Reflects and Expresses Cultures and Social Communities Conflict May be good for individuals and relationships Guidelines for Creating and Sustaining Healthy Climates Actively Use Communication to Shape Climates Accept and Confirm Others Accept and Confirm yourself Self-disclose when appropriate Respect Diversity in Relationships (Closeness in dialogue, closeness in doing) Case Study: Cloudy Climate Chapter 9: Communication in Personal Relationships (Social Relationships) Defining Personal Relationships (Personal Relationships) Uniqueness
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Commitment (Passion, commitment, investments) Relationship Rules (Rules)
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Exam Two Outlines and Notes - Exam Two Outlines and Notes...

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