TEST 1 comm studies outlines

TEST 1 comm studies outlines - TEST 1 Chapter 1: Why study...

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TEST 1 Chapter 1: Why study communication? Defining Communication (Communication, Process, Systemic, Symbols, Content level of meaning, Relationship level of meaning) Values of Communication Personal Values Relationship Values Professional Values Cultural Values Models of Communication Linear Models Interactive Models (Feedback) Transactional Models (Noise) The Breadth of the Communication Field Intrapersonal Communication (“) Interpersonal Communication (“) Groups Communication Organizational Communication (Organizational culture) Mass and Social Media Public Communication Intercultural Communication Unifying Themes in the Field Symbolic Activities Meaning Critical Thinking (“) Ethics and Communication Careers in Communication Research Education Media Production, Analysis, and Criticism Training and Consulting Human Relations and Management Case Study (Self Introduction) Chapter 2: (Meaning) Human Perception (Perception) Selection (Self-fulfilling prophecy) Organization (Constructivism, Schemata, Prototype, Personal Constructs, Stereotypes, Scripts)\ Interpretation
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Attributions (“) The Self Serving Bias (“) Influences on Perception Physiology Culture (”, Standpoint Theory) Social Roles Cognitive Abilities Cognitive complexity (“) Person centered perception (“, Empathy) Enhancing Communication Competence Perceptions, Communication, and Abstraction Guidelines for Enhancing Competence Recognize all perceptions are subjective
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TEST 1 comm studies outlines - TEST 1 Chapter 1: Why study...

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