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powerpoint-chapter1-hands_on_2 - Jenni Sosnow T,TH 3:004:15...

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Unformatted text preview: Jenni Sosnow T,TH 3:004:15 Powerpoint Chapter 1 Hands on 2 Page Slide Setup Otientalion ' Page Setup Simplify the - Useunemain- a Background Styies ' Aa AL Aa :Aa k-IIIII Enab‘e Content Updates from Qf'flcexom... Bmwse for Themes... E gave Cutrenl Theme... Backgmund Edit the Content - MaketextI-ne - Useounsistent‘erbt-e - Ufifizeslrmgacfiwverbs - Eliminateexns admins andadjecfim - Usefewpmpmifinm | | Hide Backgmund Graphics I; ...
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