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Unformatted text preview: enni Sosnow ICS 101 T,Th 3:004:15 Powerpoint Chapter 2 — a IT W % 1abte Picture Clip Screenshet Photo Shapes Smarmrt Chan ' Album' ' Tables Illustrations _ i AGnide to Winning Presentaliims C I Studmit Name I Student School Define the Audience C I Whoisin theaudience'? > Mange“ Cunt-11mm : Client: I What amthu'r expectations? 9:51;} at QQTCQ Hyperlink Action 81 Footer ' Text Box links Header and Footerr Text Header WerdAn Datest Slide Time Number ' Object Equation Symbol Symbuls .ix Slide mum Include on slide 57 _Date and lime ® ypdate automatically October 21, 2010 a:- Language: Qalendar type: —= —: ®Fi1ifld 10f21f2010 Slide number footer |:| . Preview @ Q—l'ands on 4 Video Audio p Media Search for: |£J presenter mulls should be: All media file typa I V Include Otfiue.uum content Provided by: Microsafi Create the Presentation - '7. =QO. iv '4 . *A Click to add notes 9 Find more at Oflice.{)om 0 Hints for finding imaga ' {a - - e—l 9 I: ...
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