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powerpoint-chapter2-handson2 - enni Sosnow IC'S 101 T,TH...

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Unformatted text preview: enni Sosnow IC'S 101 T,TH 3:004:15 Powerpclint Chapter 2 Hands on 2 E Save a E Salve As H ope“ Copies: 1 V a Close Info 6 HP Photosmart c4700 series A Guide t° “mess“ Recent Reedy V Presentations New Printer Pro erties Elfifi'gffrfl I 3 Print All Slides v Save 31 sand I Print entire presentation Help Slides: ' ® _ g Notes Pages v Dp‘llDl‘IS W Print slides with notes 5 E“ =3 Collated llIII] { Edit Header & Footer 4 1 but time) e I G) ...
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