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Down Time Radio - leaves happy These music players are the...

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SHOOTING FOR A C 9/17/09 Client: Down Time Product: Digital Music Players Title: Sweet Sound Length: 60 Seconds Script no: 348682 – Project 4
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SHOOTING FOR A C Production Note : Should sound very excited ANNCR: (MUSIC: COOL HARD ROCK GUTAIR STRUMING.) Clear quality, sharp sound, easy on the cash and never before seen. Break down your idea of digital music player’s. This new technology will rock your life like never before. Down Time releasing brand new out of this of this world digital music players today! Down Time has never had a selection of new music players like this. Anything you want, Down Time has it. No longer spend fortunes on name brands and not get the quality you deserve. Down Time makes sure every customer
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Unformatted text preview: leaves happy. These music players are the next best thing. Our new technology installed five gigabytes, personal organizer, internet compatibility, and customized any way you want, no additional charge. Unlike other name brands Down Times digital music player is virtually indestructible. Survives rain, sidewalk drops, and being thrown at walls. Comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. With all these great features, Down Time has the best deal available anywhere on the market. Come see what were talking about at any Down Time retailer near you. Check our web site Downtime.com. You won’t regret it. There’s a good time, where there’s Down Time...
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