TV PSA - SUE : I got a big week ahead of me. MOM : A ton of...

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A PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE FROM CMU Police Chief William Yeagley and Captain Fred A. Harris, Directors, 1720 S. East Campus Drive Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 48858 (989) 774-3081
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FOR REALEASE: November 10, 2009 JOB/ ISCI # 348682 _ SUBJECT: Drinking and Driving . REVISION #: 2 _ APPRV DATE: ______________________ VTR: XX _ LENGTH: 30 _ TITLE: Driving Daughter to College. AS PRODUCED: ______________ OBJECTIVE: To make the students realize that drinking and driving does not only affect the people drinking and driving, but others who are innocent, and to show that drinking and driving can harm people significantly Video Audio OPEN WITH MS OF MOM AND SUE IN CAR LOOKING AT ONE ANOTHER MS OF MOM TALKING MS OF MOM PATTING SUE ON THE SFX: CARS IN TRAFFIC MOM : How’s school going for you?
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Unformatted text preview: SUE : I got a big week ahead of me. MOM : A ton of homework or exams? SUE : Both (laughing). BACK WITH HER RIGHT HAND CS OF MOM TALKING POV FROM SUES EYES OF MOM AND CAR GETTING HIT FROM THE SIDE BREAKING GLASS MOM : Dont worry; youll get through it. SUE : Thanks mom, I cant wait for Thanksgiving, I can relax a little. MOM : It will be here soon enough. Whats this person doing? SUE : Mom look out right there! SFX: BREAKS SCREECHING Video Audio FS OF TWO CARS UPSIDE DOWN WITH BEERS COMING OUT THE WINDOW OF ONE OF THEM ANNCR VO : According to NHTSA 13-thousand people died in drunk driving incidents in 2007. Central Michigan Police urge you to not drink and drive. Dont endanger yourself and others....
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TV PSA - SUE : I got a big week ahead of me. MOM : A ton of...

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